$50 million Milestone

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure Announces Completion of $50 million in Distributed Generation Solar

CAMBRIDGE, January 31, 2018

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC (“KSI”) today announced that it has reached the milestone of completing over $50 million of newly built distributed solar projects.  The portfolio consists of 37 projects with a combined capacity of approximately 20 megawatts of power, or enough power for over 3,000 homes.

“We applaud our teammates, partners and stakeholders who have put their hard work into realizing this milestone with us,” said Managing Director John Chaimanis.  “The distributed segment of the market is expected to grow nationally by around 11,000MW over the next 5 years, and we are well positioned to grow with it.” Chaimanis further added,  “Each of our projects involves local developers, engineers, construction workers and other professionals, which means not only clean energy, but also jobs for local communities.”

The announcement comes at a time when larger competitors have abandoned or ignored the smaller-sized “distributed generation” market, opting into larger utility-scale projects.

“Distributed generation has a vital role to play.  It is generated close to where it is consumed, readily interconnected to the grid and dependable,” said Ken Lehman, Managing Director.  “It also has local impact.  Our projects help individuals, communities, businesses, and the environment, so we see it as $50 million worth of positive impact.  Our off-takers benefit from lower power prices.  Local landowners benefit by putting available space to good use.  And we all benefit from the production of clean power.”

The Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure portfolio serves utilities, municipalities, universities, school systems, hospitals and businesses, and includes community solar projects that serve individual households.

About Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI) is an innovative asset management firm that creates value though investments in energy, water, and other sustainable real assets.  We are leaders in sustainable project finance.  We positively impact the environment, society and the economy locally where we own our assets.  We differentiate ourselves by participating in the often-underserved small to mid-markets.  Our approach emphasizes attractive financial transactions for all parties and attention to relationships.  We are thought leaders, fundamental investors, and we aim to positively impact the world with every dollar we invest.  KSI is nationally focused, based in Cambridge, MA and is affiliated with Kendall Investments, LLC.