Sustainable Infrastructure


Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC (KSI) manages investments into impact producing real assets, such as wind and solar energy projects with strong cash flows from long-term contracts (commonly called PPAs). The firm’s management has deep experience in power and equity markets and takes a long-term approach to this non-correlated and growing asset class.

Infrastructure assets are an important part of a balanced investment portfolio. They consist of long-lived assets that provide a basic good or service to a community, such as power, water or transportation. These assets have long useful lives and contracts or concessions in place that typically run for 15 to 25 years.

Today’s market provides compelling opportunities for investors to benefit from investments in infrastructure, particularly renewable power.  KSI invests predominantly in small to medium-sized renewable power projects with multi-year contracts in place. These assets produce and distribute reliable cash yield in a tax efficient manner, preserve capital, have low operational, technology and regulatory risk and provide years of clean energy.

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